Decorate With Colour: Teal

Decorate With Colour: Teal

Decorate With Colour: Teal

Colour is an effective tool that should be used sensibly throughout the home. Why? Because every colour symbolises something different. Some colours will stir up positive emotions in people, while others may negatively affect them. Introducing the wrong shade into your home can play havoc with your wellbeing, so it’s important to understand what each colour can do for you. 

In this month’s Decorate With Colour blog, we are focusing on the colour - Teal. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that it’s a colour that can be found absolutely everywhere at the moment. A mixture of blue and green, teal is considered a very calming colour and has the ability to conjure up feelings of reflectiveness and enlightenment, which is why we (EZ Living Furniture) are completely in love with it at the moment. And not one to miss out on a trend, we have compiled some of our favourite and most popular teal coloured furniture items below so that you can easily incorporate them into your bedroom, living room, dining room and every room in between.

Teal Liberty Bed Frame from EZ Living Furniture

In the bedroom

Teal is a beautiful, rich colour that encourages relaxation, so it stands to reason that the first place it should be used is the bedroom. The bedroom is where most of our relaxing will take place. Whether you’re unwinding with a book on a bedroom chair or drifting off in bed, teal should be included where possible. We suggest starting with smaller items such as a blanket box and working your way up to the bed frame or bed base

Teal Blush armchair from EZ Living Furniture

In the living room

The living room is the next best place for resting, besides the bedroom. Most will gravitate towards it to de-stress after a long hard day and teal can help with this. A comfortable, teal-coloured sofa or armchair would be the perfect ending to a hectic day. Pair this with a matching, teal-upholstered footstool and tap into an incredibly zen mindset right before bedtime. 

A teal, fabric sofa bed has the ability to transform into an incredibly comfortable and equally tranquil double bed, meaning you can stay resting on it all night long. 

Katie Teal Armchair and Footstool from EZ Living Furniture

Teal Infographic from EZ Living Furniture.

In an office space or study

Teal is not a one-trick pony. In fact, it can offer many positive feelings to those in its presence. We’ve already mentioned how it can relax individuals, but it can also trigger creativity and will seek to provide clarity and positive thinking. An office space or study is where clarity is needed the most, especially if working from home or completing school assignments. Usually, standard office furniture will feature a wooden or dark coloured finish, meaning the best way to implement a teal colour into your workspace is with the use of smaller home accessories

The one essential accessory that a study can’t be without is, of course, a clock. A teal-coloured clock will allow you to make informed and responsible decisions - like determining when to finish work for the day.

Oyster Clocks in multiple colours from EZ Living Furniture

In the kitchen and dining room

Teal is known for its sophistication and elegance. So, if you’re lacking that element of luxury in your kitchen and dining room, teal could be the ultimate solution. Your dinner parties could be the talk of the town if you were to introduce a blue-green hue into your dinnerware. A dinner set that includes a teal geometric plate, bowl, or printed cup could be exactly what is needed to impress all your friends and family, and best of all it doesn’t have to cost the earth. But naturally, they don’t need to know that.

Satis Dinnerware from EZ Living Furniture

In a hallway

Lastly, teal can breathe new life into almost any room in a home. It is capable of rejuvenating those areas that crave a fresh perspective. Sadly, one area that is often neglected is the hallway. An entrance hall is probably the last place we will think of when redecorating, but it’s the first area visitors will set their sights on when stood at our front doors. Something as simple as a teal-finished table lamp is a cost-effective way to give that entrance a new lease of life.

Wynn Teal Table Lamp from EZ Living Furniture.

Remember that too much of any colour can create an overwhelming feeling. Sometimes all that is needed is a pop of colour to lift or change the mood of a room. 

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