What are the best ways to declutter your home?

What are the best ways to declutter your home?


What are the best ways to declutter?



Spring is a time of new beginnings – a chance to get rid of clutter and finally let go of things you’ve been holding onto which you convinced yourself you would use/wear..at some stage! Sometimes letting go of excess stuff will help you to feel more in control and it's good for the mind as well as your home.



“Clear clutter, make space for you”



Rather than embarking on an overwhelming whole-house declutter in one day, try these tips for a more manageable declutter that will welcome fresh energy into your home as the year unfolds.

Top tip: create a declutter list and/or a decluttering calendar and stick to it.



The hallway and stairs

Stepping through the front door of your home and being faced with clutter can sometimes be off-putting and instantly can change your mood and not for the better. Your hallway is possibly the most important space to keep clear especially when visitors arrive, first impressions are lasting as they say. If you have limited space and have no choice but to use your hallway as an additional storage solution then put restrictions in place. At least try and make the clutter look like organised chaos in one place rather than scattered the full length of your entrance.

The living room

You really can’t just close the door on the mess in your living room, although sometimes it’s the more attractive option than cleaning. When you sit down at the end of a long day, you want to relax or be able to find the remote at least. So you ask the question “what can I do to declutter”? Sometimes a simple change like removing one item of furniture can make all the difference, similar to reducing the number of photo frames on every inch of wall space available or spread the length of the mantlepiece, window sill, coffee table or side tables you get the picture and that’s not even mentioning toys! Keep the items on display at a minimum, less is more! Either find a new home in other rooms in your home or donating to charity shops is an ideal way of offloading the unwanted items and you are doing a good deed at the same time.

The kitchen

The hub of many homes, the kitchen can easily become a dumping ground for the post, junk mail, sports bags and dirty laundry among other things. A well-functioning kitchen will allow you to place your hands on what you need when you need it, and it’s safer if you have small children around, too.

Not only does an organised kitchen look good, but in a practical sense, cooking is made easier. Either keep small appliances/utensils to one side on the countertop or store them in presses underneath. The satisfaction gained from having a totally clear surface to work off is something else.

Tip: Make sure to take a declutter before after picture! It’s rewarding to see the transformation. YouTube declutter videos are also useful to pick up more useful tips.


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-Yvonne Hannon.