Christmas Lighting Safety Tips

Christmas Lighting Safety Tips


There are so many wonderful things we think of when it comes to Christmas. Giving gifts, decorating your home, mulled wine and of course turning on the Christmas lights! Whether it’s a big official gathering in your hometown to turn on the Christmas lighting or just a family gathering at home, the turning on of the Christmas lights is always a magical occasion. Keep your home stylish and safe this Christmas season by taking a few minutes to read our handy tips for Christmas lighting safety!


First things first, it’s always good to have a plan! We recommend that you think about how many places in your home you plan on having Christmas lighting. The first stop is usually the tree which, depending on its size, can vary from needing one set of lighting to three. Most lighting sets are battery-powered now but, if yours are not, make sure that you set up somewhere near a power supply. Be mindful of wires and the space you’re in. If you have small children or pets make sure that the wires are out of harm's way or even taped to the floor to avoid someone tripping over them, pets chewing on them or generally causing an accident.


Next, we recommend you test all of your lights before you set them up on the tree. Simply turning them on and off again before you pop them on the tree will save you a lot of time and energy if you have any faulty or broken bulbs that need fixing!


Additionally, when mounting the lights on the tree, why not try putting them up in sections. For example, start at the top leading down to the middle. Then, use another set to go from the middle down, and repeat until you reach the bottom branches on the tree. This is not necessarily a safety tip but it is very convenient for when you're taking down the lights after Christmas. Sectioning them means that when you take them down you don't have to spend a lot of time untangling your different strings of lights and they come off the tree almost mess-free!


To ensure there are no electrical or fire hazard risks, follow these simple guidelines for Christmas lighting safety.


  • It may seem like a lovely idea to keep your Christmas tree lights constantly glowing but, turn off all lights before leaving the house or going to bed. Never leave your Christmas lighting on unattended.
  • Do not overload your extension lead or adapter. They can overheat and start to burn!
  • Carefully check all your lights for cracked bulbs or frayed wires, especially if your lighting has been sitting in a box in your attic for the last 10 months!
  • Avoid using candles where possible and never leave a burning candle unattended. Make sure you do not place any candles near your Christmas tree and keep any burning candles in sight. Why not try using battery-operated candles instead of traditional candles?


While holiday decorating is all about family fun, dressing up your home and sparkle, it’s important to remember that Christmas decorations and lighting can carry a risk of electrical or fire injury. Don’t let preventable accidents ruin your holiday fun! If you follow these tips you should have a safe and fun-filled holiday season! 

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