Choosing the perfect armchair

Choosing the perfect armchair


There really is nothing quite like sinking into an exceptionally comfy armchair after a long hard days work. Whether you’re a fan of modern pieces or prefer a more traditional design, there will certainly be a chair to suit both your style and space. As armchairs are often an investment piece, it pays to consider our top 5 tips before choosing the perfect armchair for you.


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legend armchair from ez living furniture


Pick a suitable fabric for you

With a little love and attention, an armchair should last for years, but the type of fabric you choose will make a difference to its longevity!

Choose a fabric that’s right for your lifestyle – if you have pets, for instance, plush velvet may not be the most practical choice. If you have small children, washable loose covers are a sensible option, whereas, in a more grown-up room, a fabulous fabric could be the perfect finishing touch.




When picking an armchair for a more formal or traditional living room, try matching a pattern from elsewhere. Here, the homeowners have coordinated the armchair and cushion patterns, which in turn chime with the curtains, avoiding any clash and making the room feel serene.