Celebrity Furniture – Stars Who Dabble In Interior Designers

Celebrity Furniture – Stars Who Dabble In Interior Designers


Some of us at one point in our lives know what it feels like to have a little job on the side. Be that either a part-time job in a bar or restaurant, volunteering at a local charity or branching off to start your own business. Well of course with celebrities it’s never that simple. Here are some well-known stars that you might be pleasantly surprised dabble in interior design and furniture making.

Of course, these furniture items wouldn’t be reasonably priced but they may give you an idea (or two) about which furniture may look enticing in your own home, giving you that ‘celeb look!’



It’s no surprise that this family have many ventures and investments, however, Kourtney’s love for furniture is apparent in her deep interest for interior decoration. Along with many collaborations with well-known interior designers, Kourtney also shares a glimpse into her stylish California home which certainly gives us an idea of what type of home interior styles she takes inspiration from.



We may be aware of Reese’s adorable and fashionable clothing line Draper James, however, it appears that she is slowly making her way into the home furnishing world. Her recent collaboration with Crate & Barrel has resulted in a number of table mats, cloths, dinnerware and tea towels being released. The collection definitely has a Santorini vibe about it and would compliment any dining & kitchen which seemed to be lacking in vibrant colours.

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She is best known for her roles as both actor and producer in many big-name productions but did you know that Eva Longoria also launched her own home decor line in 2015? In collaboration with JCPenny, this line of bedding and textiles turned heads with many looking to snatch it up!




After Brad Pitt ordered a desk from Pollaro Custom Furniture, he realized his passion for design was similar to the company’s owner Frank Pollaro. Since then the two have collaborated together to bring to life many designs that both Pollaro and Pitt have envisioned!

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The iconic supermodel entered the furniture business back in 2005 and has since grown her home decor empire steadily over the past decade. She has been at the forefront for style and design for many years and she believes in designing with the history of the home in mind. “FINDING A BALANCE BETWEEN DURABILITY AND LUXURY IS KEY IN MY HOME”.

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Ellen and wife Portia have always shared a love of design and home interiors.  Ellen also appears to have a knack for flipping houses around Hollywood and is known around as the Real Estate Queen! “I learned that furniture is art; that if you spend money on a couch, it can look pretty, but it can also be made by an important designer. I started shopping in a different way, and redoing homes and recognizing what a great home was.”

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The star from Modern Family is known for her love of contemporary styles of furniture. She appears to focus a lot on utilizing space and clean lines. Sofia began her journey while designing for Rooms To Go, in 2013. Since then she has learned a lot and seems to specialize in decorating with modernist influences, however, introducing a vibrant twist.



Looking through this list it surprising to find that so many well-known celebrities share a passion and a love for home interiors. We hope that this blog has given you some ideas of what celeb-look might suit your home!

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