Brighten up your home this Festive Season!

Brighten up your home this Festive Season!

We all have our own special ways of decorating our home at Christmas to conjure up a little magical atmosphere.

From traditional golds and reds to contemporary silver and blues, there's a Christmas colour scheme to suit every style and taste.



When choosing a Color Scheme for your home there are many things to consider. Depending if you are starting off or have a collection of Christmas decorations from over the years, you will find it easier to work around a particular colour scheme. You can embrace the colour scheme in its entirety, or choose subtle decorations and accents. 

Tip - Focus on the colours you have in your home all year round and select complementary colours that bring a festive feel to your home.


The “EZ Living with Ger - Christmas Themes” video below will help you to determine your desired colour scheme this Christmas.



Going for Gold

From soft age tones to brassy enriched bronze shades, gold can be used as an accent colour this Christmas to lift and finish your room scheme.

If your room is neutral, a gold-finish lamp or metal-frame side table will add brilliance without introducing a colour contrast.


Winter Wonderland

Christmas is all about bringing the snowy days indoors, evoking memories of a crisp winters morning. Incorporate textures of silver, white and glass for a truly striking look and to ensure that you capture the wonder of the season, a snow-covered tree is a must-have. The green foliage dressed in snow will enhance the beauty of your decorations. Add delicate details like glass baubles and embellished silver tree decorations.


Rich Enchanting Reds

Red is a bold colour with an even bolder personality and there’s nothing more festive than red decor. The traditional red and green is a timeless theme for any home. Hang a garland dotted with red berries for a fully festive feeling.

Don’t overthink this too much, just enjoy doing it and enjoy the lead up to Christmas 2018!


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