Bright Ideas - Easy Guide To Lamps And Lighting

Bright Ideas - Easy Guide To Lamps And Lighting


There’s nothing worse than trying to read your favourite book in a dimly lit room. Likewise, it can be horrible trying to get comfortable in a room flooded with artificial lighting. This blog looks at how you may be able to identify the lighting effect you want in your selected room and how you can achieve this (without breaking the bank!)

Your first step to finding the perfect balance of lighting for a room is to identify which lighting style you would like. You can choose from ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting. Below we will go through all of these lighting types for you and the best way to achieve these using a selection of our EZ Living Furniture products.


Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting revolves around the idea of making the most out of the lighting that currently exists in your home. Placing mirrors opposite windows is a great way of reflecting light around a room to make it brighter. Look out for dark corners in your home, this would be an excellent place for floor lamps. See our range of EZ Living Furniture floor lamps here. Otherwise, a beautiful nest of tables with a gorgeous table lamp should have this area filled with warm light.

For ambient lighting, it is important to refer to your existing wall colour. If your room is too bright and you want to dim it down, why not look at painting your walls a darker colour. This will result in less light bouncing around your room and may make it feel even cosier. Our video below with Ger, our concept and visual stylist looks at how you can go about creating a lighting effect using the existing light available in your home.



Mood Lighting

Mood lighting looks at creating a relaxed and intimate look in your room. By reducing overall lighting levels and filling a space with warm lights this will enhance the mood. Candles are a great addition to creating that snug, relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for that night in bingeing Netflix! See our range of candleslanterns we have available on our website.

Light bulbs are a great way to improve the mood of a room without breaking the bank. We would advise having a look at our range of Vintage light bulbs which create a stylish and nostalgic look within your room. These also come in a range of fun shapes and styles which can be found when you click here.

Mood lighting can be the perfect aesthetic for your dining room as this creates a peaceful dining experience. I would recommend looking at placing lamps on a sideboard and maybe even a floral chandelier above your dining table. Our EZ Living Furniture Lourdes Chandelier would add both a dramatic look and warm lighting to your room.




Task Lighting

Task lighting is concentrated lighting which helps you to do a specific task. This could be cooking in your kitchen or reading in your living room. In order to optimise task lighting, it is important to fill your home with plenty of surfaces in order to display table lamps on. If you have children studying for the Junior or Leaving cert, the addition of a table desk lamp can make a huge improvement in their focus.

A floor lamp above your armchair is a great way to create the perfect task lighting for reading your favourite book in a dimly lit room. If you want to add a bit of sophistication to your home perhaps look at our Modern Black Floor Lamp - Elite. This floor lamp stands at 186cm tall and is the perfect size to rest above an armchair. For more information on this product including its availability and price click here. 




Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is best referred to as lighting in which highlights a specific feature or space in a room. A good example of this would be the lighting used in art galleries to display artwork.  We would recommend thinking of what you would like to highlight in your room perhaps maybe you want some lights above your breakfast bar or maybe to highlight a space above your mantelpiece? Fitted glass cabinets with LED lights can also be a creative way of lighting specific items or possessions that you hold valuable and may want to show off.

We recommend having a look at some of the ceiling lights we have available from our EZ Living Furniture Home Accessories, in particular, our Kala range of hanging lamps which are an excellent way to highlight specific surfaces or objects in your home. The lamp comes with a hammered silver effect shade which would also complement most interiors providing both highlighted light and style.




And so after looking at the different lighting styles available to you, don't be afraid to mix and match some of these styles throughout your home.  Create a space that's right for you and that is the perfect brightness no matter what the activity. We hope that you've benefited from our bright ideas and please check out our new Spring 2018 Lighting Collection which is available now. For more information on the products featured in this collection please see the video below from Ger, our concept and visual stylist.


...Now Lights Out!