Banish the Myth about Sofa Beds

Banish the Myth about Sofa Beds


We all have preconceived notions about sofa beds. They can appear gaudy and leave our guests with sore backs for weeks to come. But prepare to have these notions blown away! You may not realize it but a lot of work goes into the design and manufacturing of sofa beds as they perform both the role of sofa and bed.

Multitasking is hard and we know that sofa beds have a tough job to offer us a comfy place to sleep & sit. Sofa beds also need to be able to fit into your home design style and not stick out like a sore thumb.  Here at EZ Living Furniture, we've found the stylish answer to this common issue of sofa bed lovers! In our video below, Ger looks at the new sofa beds we're going to be looking at today.



Aren't Sofabeds Big and Bulky?

We know that the first issue with sofa beds is their large bulky appearance.  The mechanics in a sofa bed can often leave it looking rather enormous and take up a lot of space in your home. Here at EZ Living Furniture, we've found a range of sofa beds which are slimmed down to create a light and minimalist look. With a slim sofa bed, your house will be bursting with space (but also guests begging to stay the night)!

GET THE LOOK: "Our new Manhattan Sofa Bed is the perfect contemporary answer to a fashionable sofa which settles back to be a snug sleeping zone!"




What About Style?

A lot of sofa beds are designed to look like the most basic sofas in the most boring colours. But wait! Don't take out the blow-up mattress just yet! We have a number of sofa beds which are designed with contemporary styles in mind to ensure that your living room decor isn't compromised. The wonderful thing about these sofa beds is that you wouldn't even know their sofa beds at all!

GET THE LOOK: "The Gatsby sofa bed has two sleek removable arms which transform the sofa into a bed when you want it!"



What About Something A Little Different?

Something a little different can be hard to find in a sofa bed however the main idea is to think outside the box! It can be tricky to try and fit a Sofa Bed into a small bedroom or study. If your desired room is a little stuck for space why not look into a sofa bed which comes as a one-seater. Providing useful additional seating by day but converting quickly into a single bed when you need it.

GET THE LOOK: "If you're looking for something easy and compactable our Zinc One Seater Sofa Bed may be the perfect option for your home!"



So there you have it! No need to get out the air mattress when your guests come round as with some easy stylish options you can have your living room sleepover ready! For further advice on our sofa beds be sure to visit us in-store and speak to a representative of our sales team! Take it easy with EZ Living!