7 Reasons Why a Bedroom Chair is a Good Idea

7 Reasons Why a Bedroom Chair is a Good Idea

7 Reasons Why a Bedroom Chair is a Good Idea

Are you guilty of spending time in your bedroom only during the night? Why not create a daytime sanctuary complete with a beautiful bedroom chair for your enjoyment? By including this transformative piece of furniture it is easy to make an area in your bedroom that is an extension of your living space. Today we will talk about how easy it is to incorporate a bedroom chair into your interior and how it can be used in many different ways.


  1. They bring the Wow Factor: Even if you don’t actually sit in the chair, an accent chair is a wonderful way to create a style statement in your bedroom. But whatever you do, don’t let it become the “clothes chair”, your wardrobe is there for a reason. Did someone call us bossy?
  2. A Reading Corner: If you want a calmer atmosphere away from your living room and tv, a bedroom chair is a perfect place to sit in while you read your favourite book.
  3. A Vanity Chair: If you are going to spend time doing your hair and makeup then why not do it in comfort with your own makeup chair. They are the perfect addition to a makeup up/vanity table. Give yourself a bit of luxury while you get ready in the mornings.
  4. A place to talk: The hustle and bustle around the house can make it hard to have a quiet conversation. Your bedroom corner will provide a space to listen and talk in peace.
  5. A place to relax: Whether you meditate in your chair or take a quiet moment to yourself. An accent chair is an ultimate place to have some quiet time. Why not light your favourite candles to set the atmosphere?
  6. A parents corner: A bedroom chair can be used for parents who want to read a story to their children or use it as part of their wind-down routine. It is a comfortable place for parents who are nursing or feeding their infants.
  7. Double Duty: A bedroom chair can be used in other areas of your home like your hallway, conservatory or fireside. If you have extra guests in your house it can be used as additional seating.

How to choose the right bedroom chair?

Once you decide what purpose you will use your bedroom chair for, you can move on to the exciting process of finding the right one for your space. Follow these EZ tips to find the right one for you.

Assess your Space

The good news is, accent chairs come in all different shapes, colours, sizes and fabrics to accommodate big and small spaces. Decide on what area would suit best for your new cosy corner. If you have the option, try to position your chair towards the sunlight or a window. Depending on the function you intend to use it for, it could be positioned in a corner, at the foot of your bed or by your dressing table.

Decide on Size

Mark out the size of the chair by using some old newspapers or magazines to visualise how it will look in the room and how much space it will take up. Another great way to assess your bedroom chair is by downloading our free Augmented Reality App that allows you to place the chair in your bedroom before making that final decision.


Choose your Style

There are countless chair types that cater for your aesthetic and design style. Here are some of our favourite occasional chair styles:

Wing Chair: Wing chairs are extremely comfortable, high back chairs. Also known as a fireside chair, the wings were created to shield the occupants from drafts and its initial place in the home was by the fire. They are most definitely on the bigger side and would suit bedrooms with more space. The design of these historic chairs has been modernised to suit the contemporary decor. If you wanted to stick with a traditional style look towards the Evelyn or Astoria chairs. A modern wing chair like the Bronx would suit a contemporary bedroom.

Tub Chair: The tub chair is suited for those who have smaller bedroom space. These chairs are designed with a lower back and supportive arms. Tub chairs are usually higher off the ground which creates an illusion of more space in your bedroom. A standout tub chair like the Blush bedroom chair will automatically create interest in your bedroom. 

Lounge Chair: The lounge chair is designed to cater for exactly what the name implies. The main feature of this chair is a slanted back and effortless design. If lounging is your priority then look no further than the velvet Ottowa Lounge chairs.

Slipper Chair: The slipper chair was created with a discreet design in mind. These sleek chairs would fit nicely in a smaller space as they usually come with no arms and a lower back. They are extremely versatile and easy to move around. Our top favourite slipper chair has to be the Sakura range.

Convertible Chair: The beauty of these chairs is that one minute you can be sitting down and the next you can pull it out to make a bed. If you are longing for a chair in your bedroom but need some extra space for visitors, this is a great option. Reading chair by day and extra bed by night. If you want something that transitions with ease check out our Zara and Theo single sofa beds.

EZ Living- Alexander Chair

Choose your Colour

Ask yourself whether you want your chair to blend in with everything else or make a statement? Bedroom chairs come in all colours of the rainbow and can inject life into your bedroom decor. You may fall in love with a particular style of the chair but can’t find it in the right colour. Try to choose one that has a range of colour options. A bedroom chair can tie your colour scheme together, think teal, pink, yellow and blue. 

To keep things more neutral you can decide on greys, beiges and natural elements like wood. The Henrick chair’s wooden frame is an ideal way to bring the outdoors inside. Even if your room colour is more on the neutral side don’t be afraid of using colour, a pink bedroom chair like the Paloma could transform the whole room with one splash of colour. 


Choose your fabric

Think about the day to day events that the fabric of your accent chair is going to be subjected to. Bedroom chairs come in velvet, leather, tweed, cotton, to name a few. It might be worth going for a more durable fabric like leather or suede for families and pet owners. You must also consider the fabrics that are in your bedroom already. Including different textures and fabrics that complement each other will create a cosy and stylish haven. 

If you have wooden floors in your bedroom, using a warming texture like tweed or cotton can make the room more inviting. There is no doubt that velvet is the accent chair fabric of the moment. The plushness and variety of colours mean it’s a winner in our eyes. If your room is already full of texture, velvet can bring a smooth supple texture into the room.


As you can see, a bedroom chair is more than just a chair. It has many uses and can tie your bedroom’s design together entirely. By following these simple rules, choosing the right bedroom chair will be a lot easier and it will soon become a staple piece in your home.